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A supportive academic community

We take teaching very seriously at Reading. You will be taught by highly-regarded academics who research and publish internationally in their fields, and we also welcome guest speakers with a wealth of expertise and experience in the law profession. We recognise that students' learning styles vary greatly so you will be exposed to a range of teaching and learning styles and opportunities, providing you with the best possible chance to excel during your studies. At the start of the academic year you will enjoy a thorough induction explaining how to prepare for legal study and get the most out of your time in the School of Law. This will introduce both the essential legal and study skills you will need during your studies and the wider opportunities available within the School.

We offer a course on "Academic Writing for LLM students" that we run in collaboration with the International Study and Language Institute (ISLI) at Reading. This will help you enhance your skills in essay writing and will also offer to an extent language support for international students.

Throughout your studies you will receive a high level of ongoing support from your personal tutor, subject leaders and administrative staff in the School. We carefully monitor your progress at every stage of the course so you will know you are always on the right track. We place an important emphasis on career development and offer a wide range of opportunities to gain practical, real-world experience. See further information.

Modular courses

One of the key benefits of undertaking a masters course in law at Reading is the ability to choose from a wide variety of modules offered by different areas of the University. LLM students can choose from modules offered by the Graduate Institute of Political and International Studies or the ICMA Centre, part of the renowned Henley Business School.

For the larger core modules you will normally be taught the principles of the subject through traditional lectures. The content of lectures is revisited, explained, and then discussed in a more informal setting through seminars and in some cases by guided independent learning.

How we assess you

We utilise a variety of assessment methods and these vary depending on your chosen modules. Some modules feature exams, which may consist of a choice of unseen questions or include questions for which you can prepare for in advance. Other modules may be assessed by coursework - a dissertation, an essay, a portfolio, or a presentation (group or individual). You will benefit from opportunities to practise each kind of assessment in a non-assessed form and receive valuable feedback before undertaking the final assessment.

Whether preparing a portfolio of work completed while dealing with legal clients at our law clinic, or providing a letter of legal advice or a briefing to a client, or undertaking a moot or a presentation, assessments challenge the skills and experiences you have developed as a lawyer, not just your academic knowledge.

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