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Professor Sandy Ghandi

Profile picture of Sandy Ghandi

Teaches the following courses on the LL.B and LL.M programmes:

  • International Human Rights Law
  • Postgraduate Research Students Supervision

Areas of interest

International Human Rights Law; International Law.

Postgraduate supervision

Co-supervisor of two doctoral level students: David Leary and Joy Reddy.


Sandy Ghandhi has been a member of the School of Law since 1978. He is presently a Professor of Law. After studying for his first degree in Law at the University of Oxford, he graduated from the University of London, King's College with an LL.M. Thereafter, he qualified as a Solicitor working for a niche practice in central London.

Sandy served on the Law Society's International Human Rights Committee for 9 years (1998-2007) and was involved in a number of major projects with the Committee. He has also been consulted widely on issues of international human rights law and has advised in the preparation of amicus curiae briefs.

In addition, Sandy was a consultee of the Ministry of Justice in the preparation of the recent periodic reports of the UK to the ICCPR, ICESCR and CAT.  He is currently engaged on research in the broad field of international human rights law with an emphasis on the work of the Human Rights Committee of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

Academic qualifications

M.A. (Oxford), LL.M. (London), Solicitor of the Senior Courts

Selected publications

  • 'Human Rights and the International Court of Justice in the Ahmadou Sadio Diallo Case', (2011), 11 Human Rights Law Review, 527-555
  • 'The International Court of Justice and the Provisional Measures Order in the Georgia v Russian Federation Case', (2010), in C.P.M. Waters and J.A. Green, Conflict in the Caucasus: Implications For International Legal Order, Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 80-113
  • 'Practice and Procedure of Dispute Settlement in Individual Communication Cases within the Human Rights Committee and the Committee on Elimination of Discrimination against Women; Congruence or Conflict?', (2010), In D. French, M. Saul and N. White, International Law and Dispute Settlement; New Problems and Techniques, Oxford: Hart Publishing, 111-142 
  • 'International Court of Justice: Application of the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (Georgia v Russia), Provisional Measures Order of 15th October' 2008 (2009) 58 International and Comparative Law Quarterly, 713-725.
  • 'International Human Rights Law: Origins, Governance and Education', (2009), In M.K. Sinha (ed), Global Governance, Human Rights and Development, Satyam Law International, New Delhi, 21-61 
  • 'The Human Rights Committee of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights: Practice and Procedure in the New Millennium', (2008) 48 Indian Journal of International Law 208-231
  • 'The Human Rights Committee and Interim Measures of Relief', (2007) 13 Canterbury Law Review, 203-226
  • "The International Bill of Rights and the European Convention on Human Rights", (2006) 6 Legal Information Management, 282-292
  • "Avena and Other Mexican Nationals (Final Judgment of 31 March 2004) " (2005) 54 ICLQ, 779-787
  • "Avena and Other Mexican Nationals (Interim Measures Order of 5 February 2003) " (2004) 53 ICLQ, 738-746
  • "The Human Rights Committee and the Death Row Phenomenon", (2003), 43 Indian Journal of International Law, 1-66
  • "The Human Rights Committee and the Exhaustion of Domestic Remedies", (2002), 45 German Year Book of International Law, 485-497
  • "The Human Rights Committee and Reservations to the Optional Protocol" (2001) 8, Canterbury Law Review, 13-36
  • "The Pinochet Judgment: Analysis and Implications" (2000) 40 Indian Journal of International Law, 657-710 (with J.C. Barker)
  • "The Human Rights Committee: Developments in its Jurisprudence, Practice and Procedures" (2000) 40, Indian Journal of International Law, 405-454

Recent Conference Papers

  • Oxford Public International Law Discussion Group (2010): ' The Human Rights Committee of the ICCPR and Problems of Implementation, Challenges and Prospects.'
  • Brunel University (2010): 'The Human Rights Committee; Challenges and Prospects'.
  • University of Reading (2009): 'The International Court of Justice and the Interim Measures Order in Georgia v. Russian Federation'.
  • Savoie University (2008): 'Origins of International Human Rights Law'.
  • Brunel University (2008): 'Origins of the International Protection of Minority Rights in International Law'.
  • Sheffield University (2007): "The Human Rights Committee in the New Millenium: Challenges and Prospects"
  • BIALL Conference (2006): "The International Bill of Rights and the European Convention on Human Rights"
  • EU-China Human Rights Dialogue (2006): "Human Rights Education in the Tertiary Curricula"
  • De Montfort University (2005): "The European Convention on Human Rights 1950 and the Human Rights Act 1998"
  • Free Tibet Conference (2002): "Human Rights in Tibet"
  • Bar Amicus Curiae C