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Professor Martha-Marie Kleinhans


Dr Martha-Marie Kleinhans has been at the School of Law since September 2002

Her pioneering work in teaching and learning has been recognized by her having been shortlisted for the prestigious UK Law Teacher of the Year Award 2009. University-wide recognition of the work she does is evident in the awards and opportunities she has received, most recently by the award of a University Teaching Fellowship and her promotion to Faculty Director of Teaching & Learning of Social Sciences.

Professor Martha-Marie Kleinhans joined the University of Reading's School of Law in September 2002. Since that time she has worked in a variety of roles across the School, its parent Faculty and the University as a whole. Her pioneering work in teaching and learning was recognized in her having been shortlisted for the prestigious UK Law Teacher of the Year Award in both 2009 and 2010. University-wide recognition of her work is evident in the many awards and appointments she has received over during her tenure, including the award of a University Teaching Fellowship and her promotion to Associate Dean of Teaching & Learning of Social Sciences in 2008. Most recently she has been asked to lead the academic delivery of the University's new branch campus in Malaysia as Vice-Provost, the keystone to the University's internationalization strategy.

Postgraduate Research Students Supervised:-

  • Amy Jackson (2008-2012), Ph.D., Pluralistic Interpretations of International Law
  • Tim Moorhead (2006-2011), co-supervised with C. Hilson, Ph.D., EU Citizenship and the non-discrimination principle
  • Peter Orji (2005-2012 ), Ph.D., The Evolution of Regulatory Framework for E-Commerce: Metamorphosis of Traditional Principles

She has been involved in teaching on the following courses:

  • LL.B: Jurisprudence, Company Law, Contract Law
  • LL.M: Research Methods
  • Non-LL.B: General Introduction to Law, Introduction to Business Law

Research in the following areas:

  • Political and Social Theory
  • Narrativity Studies and Literary Theory
  • Subjectivity and Identity Constructs
  • Comparative Law
  • "Hybridizing French (C)ivil Law Through Trans-Atlantic Migration" (Jan 2008) 5:1 Atlantic Studies, pp. 119-133.
  • "Rewriting "Outsider" Narratives: A Renaissance of Revolutionary Subjectivities" (Oct 2007) 2:1 Charleston Law Review, pp. 101-130.
  • "Pluralistic Considerations of National Belonging" (Dec 2006) 57:4 Northern Ireland Legal Quarterly, pp. 634-653.
  • (ed.) Pluralizing Theoretical Discourses of Law, special issue of the Northern Ireland Legal Quarterly (Dec 2006, 57:4.
  • "Tales of Belonging through Citizenship: Une histoire qu├ębecoise" (2005) in C. Morgan and C. Rolfe (eds.) Focus on Quebec 3: Essays on Quebecois Society & Culture (Edinburgh: BACS), pp. 30-38.
  • "Comparative Law and Legal Method" (2003) in C. Stychin and L. Mulcahy, Legal Method [:] Text and Materials, 2nd ed. (London: Sweet & Maxwell).
  • "Criminal Justice Approaches to Paedophilic Sex Offenders" (2002) 29:2 Social & Legal Studies.
  • "A Particular Reconception of Normativity" (1999) 15:1 Philosophical Fragments.
  • "What is a Critical Legal Pluralism?" with Roderick A. Macdonald (1997) 12:2 Canadian Journal of Law & Society.
  • "Review of Legal Polycentricity: Consequences of Pluralism in Law, H. Petersen & H. Zahle(eds.)" (1997) 24:4 Social & Legal Studies.
  • "The Moral Responsibility of the Intoxicated Agent" (1995) 11:1 Philosophical Fragments.

Recent Conference Papers:

  • "Women, Property and Markets: the case of Salomon v. Salomon," American Law & Society Association Annual Conference (Denver, USA) May 2009
  • "Developing School Portals on Blackboard: Opportunities and Challenges," Blackboard Europe Conference (Manchester, England) April 2008
  • "Aspiring to Alternatives: Negotiating Normative Plurality," American Law & Society Association Annual Conference (Montreal, Quebec) May 2008
  • "Corporate Politics & Identity: Berlin's Holocaust Memorial & Degussa AG," American Law & Society Association Annual Conference (Berlin, Germany) July 2007
  • "The Angelic Time of the Legal Person," Centre for Law, Gender & Sexuality, Westminster Univ. (London, England) February 2007 (invited/funded paper for conference entitled Liquid Lives, Wholesome Selves)
  • "Sexualising State Politics: The Metaphors and Affective Dimension of the Nation-State and Beyond," Centre for Law, Gender & Sexuality, Univ. of Kent(Canterbury, England) June 2006 (invited/funded paper for conference entitled Revisiting Governing from Feminist and Queer Perspectives)
  • "Interdisciplinary Approaches to Theory: Legal Pluralism & Storytelling," Centre for Law, Gender & Sexuality, Westminster Univ. (London, England) April 2006 (invited/funded paper for workshop)

Biographical Details:-
Professor Martha-Marie Kleinhans began her academic career late in life having previously worked in a variety of media businesses including community radio, alternative newspapers and the motion industry. Educated in Quebec and the United States, she has brought a diverse personal and juridical background to her research and teaching. Her primary area of research explores issues of legal identity and subjectivity. Her PhD, from the University of London, reconceptualised the nature of the legal subject in contemporary corporate law by developing the insights of legal pluralism and narrative theory. She used this work in further research to explore a range of legal situations in which interrogating the legal person through her theoretical lens reveals new and relevant issues previously unaddressed by traditional approaches.