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Dr Anne Thies
Job Title:
Associate Professor

Dr Anne Thies currently teaches the following courses:

  • LLB: Foundations of European Union Law; Public International Law
  • LLM: The EU as a Global Actor; Legal Aspects of International Trade and the WTO; International Dispute Settlement; Introduction to International Law

She is the Law School's lead of the Athena SWAN initiative, European Engagement Officer and, together with Dr Alison Bisset, responsible for the PG study trip to Geneva.

Lead and co-lead PhD supervisor of:

  • Natasha Georgiou (2013-), EU-Russia energy relations and the protection of investors
  • Wanni Teo (2011-2016), Privacy and data surveillance in European Union Counter-Terrorism Action
  • David Yuratich (2010-2014), The Court of Justice of the European Union and Models of EU Democracy
Areas of Interest:

EU external relations law, international trade law, EU constitutional law, public international law, international dispute settlement

Postgraduate research opportunities: Dr Thies is interested in receiving proposals for MRes and doctoral study in European and international law, in particular in the area of EU external relations law, international trade law, on other legal issues arising at the intersection between EU and international law, and international dispute settlement.

Research groups / Centres:
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Further Publications:

Articles/Book Chapters/Others

  • Commentary on Articles 230-233 EC in: Herzog, Campbell, Zagel (eds.), Smit & Herzog on the Law of the European Union - A Commentary of the Treaties, 2008, inter alia on the availability of (primary legal) remedies for individuals and the European Courts' legality review
  • Case annotation on the judgments of 14 December 2005, Court of First Instance in Cases T-69/00, T-151/00, T-301/00, T-320/00,T-383/00 and T-135/01 FIAMM et al., 43 Common Market Law Review (2006), 1145-1168
  • Commentary on Articles 281-287 and 289-307 EC for an online-based project of LexisNexis (published online in 2005), inter alia on the relevance of international agreements in the European legal system
  • 'Biret and beyond: The status of WTO rulings in EC Law' 41 Common Market Law Review (2004), 1661-1682

Book reviews on:

  • Federico Ortino, 'Basic Legal Instruments for the Liberalisation of Trade: A Comparative Analysis of EC and WTO Law', 2004, 43 Common Market Law Review (2006), 611-612
  • Thomas Cottier/Matthias Oesch, 'International Trade Regulation: Law and Policy in the WTO, the European Union and Switzerland - Cases, Materials and Comments', 2005, 43 Common Market Law Review (2006), 1768-1770

Recent Conference Papers:

  • "The function, scope and content of the principle of effectiveness in EU in external action" at the Workshop on Structural Principles in EU External Relations Law, organised by Professor Marise Cremona, 20 and 21 November 2014, European University Institute, Fiesole, Italy
  • "The European Union and the World Trading System" at the international conference on "The European Union's External Action in Times of Crisis", organised by Professors Manuel López Escudero and Luis Miguel Hinojosa Martínez, 28-29 November 2013, Department of Public International Law and International Relations, Universidad de Granada, Spain
  • "Can discrimination on grounds of nationality ever be obligatory?" at the "International Symposium on The EU between "an ever closer union" and inalienable policy domains of Member States", organised by Professor Thomas Giegerich, 21-23 March 2013, Europa-Institut, Saarland University, Germany
  • "The implications of the Member States' obligation to speak with one voice in international for a for (their equality in) EU decision-making" at the exploratory workshop "Outside-In: Tracing the Imprint of the European Union's External Action on Its Constitutional Landscape", organised by Christina Eckes, 14 and 15 June 2012, Amsterdam Centre for European Law and Governance, University of Amsterdam
  • "General principles in the development of EU external relations law", Conference on "The Court of Justice of the European Union and External Relations Law: constitutional challenges, 19 and 20 April 2012, co-organised with Marise Cremona (President of the European University Institute), European University Institute, Italy
  • "Why choose Europe? The Place of the European Union in the Architecture of International Cooperation", co-authored with Bruno de Witte, Conference on "The Legal Dimension of Global Governance: What Role for the EU?", 13-14 October 2011, Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen, Denmark, organised by the Centre for European Constitutionalization and Security (CECS) at the Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen, the European Research in Copenhagen Initiative (EURECO) and the Leuven Centre for Global Governance Studies, with the support of the Centre for the Law of EU External Relations
  • "Shared competence and the EU Member States' obligation to refrain from unilateral external action: PFOS and beyond", UAM International Conference on EU Law - Recent Trends in the Case Law of the Court of Justice of the EU (2008-2011), 14 and 15 July 2011, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Faculty of Law, Spain
  • "EU membership of the WTO: international trade disputes and judicial protection of individuals by EU Courts", Workshop on "Changing Subjects: Rights, Remedies and Responsibilities of Individuals Under Global Legal Pluralism" (co-organised with Dr Turkuler Isiksel, EUI & Columbia, NY), 7 May 2011, EUI, Florence, Italy
  • "Loyalty and its limits: competences and cooperation duties in European external relations", Conference on EU External Relations Law and Policy in the post-Lisbon Era, 13-14 January 2011, Sheffield Centre for International and European Law, School of Law, Sheffield
  • "Loyalty obligations of the Member States in the context of EU external relations", 24 November 2010, Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies, EUI, Fiesole, Italy
  • "Le devoir de coopération loyale dans le cadre de l'action extérieure", Colloque: Objectifs & compétences dans l'Union européenne, organised by Professor Eleftheria Neframi (Université Paris 13), 10 December 2010, OECD, Paris
  • "The Reception of International Law by the European Court of Justice", Oxford Public International Law Discussion Group, 18 February 2010, New College, Oxford.
  • "The impact of general principles of EC law on its liability regime towards retaliation victims afterFIAMM", panel discussion on "Kadi and FIAMM: Sharper Divisions between the EC and the International Legal Orders?", 13 May 2009, BIICL, London.
  • "The impact of general principles of Community law on Community liability in the context of international trade disputes", Workshop Interest Group International Economic Law, 3rd Biennial Conference of ESIL, 4-6 September 2008, Heidelberg.
  • "Liability of the EC in the absence of unlawfulness - AG Maduro's Opinion in FIAMM", 8th Annual WTO Conference, 13-14 May 2008, London.
  • Comment on Piet Eeckhout's paper "EC Law and UN Security Council Resolutions - In Search of the Right Fit", 46th London-Leiden Meeting, 30 June 2007, London.
First State Exam in Law (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitat, Munich); Second State Exam in Law and admission as Rechtsanwaltin (barrister/solicitor) in Munich; LL.M. (London School of Economics), Ph.D. (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitat, Munich)

Biographical Details:

Anne joined the Law School in September 2007. In her research Anne focuses on European and public international law. She is particularly interested in EU external relations law, international trade law, the interrelationships between different international legal systems and international dispute settlement. Her monograph International Trade Disputes and EU Liability was published with Cambridge University Press (2013). Anne obtained a Jean Monnet Fellowship at the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies of the European University Institute in Florence (2010/11). She is a Visiting Fellow at the Centre of European Law, King's College London and Editorial Board Member of ZEuS (Zeitschrift für Europarechtliche Studien, Berliner Wissenschaftsverlag). Anne has acted as external examiner (UG, PGT and PGR) and referee for articles, edited collections and monographs (e.g. European Public Law, CUP, Hart, OUP). She is admitted to the German bar as Rechtsanwältin (solicitor/barrister) and trained as a mediator. Anne speaks English, French, German and Italian.

In 2017, Anne established - together with her co-editors Professor Christina Eckes (Amsterdam) and Professor Piet Eeckhout (UCL) - the academic journal Europe and the World - A Law Review, which is the first peer-reviewed academic journal in the field of EU external relations. It aims to contribute to legal scholarship on the place of Europe in the world, with a particular focus on EU external relations law. She is co-founder of the Interest Group "The EU as a Global Actor" of the European Society of International Law (ESIL), which was launched in September 2012, and interested in international collaborative projects in that field.

Anne welcomes proposals from prospective doctoral students with an interest in international trade law, international dispute settlement, EU external relations law and related issues.

Ms A Thies

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+44 (0) 118 378 7503

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