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Peter Barker


Member of CEGS Advisory Board

My main research interests include: the PDS as well as minorities in German-speaking countries, in particular the Sorbs of Lusatia; the political history of the GDR; transformation processes post-unification.

Centre for East German Studies

"After the Wall", AHRC-funded research network.

My publications include: an edited volume on the PDS in Germany: The Party of Democratic Socialism in Germany. Modern Post-Communism or Nostalgic Populism? (1998) and edited volumes on the work of the Enquete-Kommissionen: The GDR and its History. R├╝ckblick und Revision. Die DDR im Spiegel der Enquete-Kommissionen (2000) and Views from Abroad. Die DDR aus britischer Perspektive (2007).

Additionally I wrote a book about the Sorbs in Germany: Slavs in Germany - The Sorbian Minority and the German State since 1945 (2000).