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Dr Paola Nasti


Visiting Research Fellow

Dr Paola Nasti

is Associate Professor of Italian at the Northwestern University (US) and a former member of the Modern Languages department at Reading. A leading scholar in Dante Studies, Dr Nasti is a member of the Graduate Centre for Medieval Studies.

, 19 (1999), pp. 5-49

'La memoria del Canticum e la Vita Nuova: una nota preliminare', The Italianist, 18 (1998), pp. 14-27

Conferences and Seminars

2010 University of Bristol, Poetry, Theology and the Song of Songs. Invited paper on the Song of Sngs, Dante and representations of martyrdom, 17 November 2010

2010 Venice SIS Conference, Mysticism and Religion in Italian Culture. I presented a paper on the representation of the stigmata in Paradiso XI, May 2010

2009 Centro Dantesco dei Frati Minori Conventuali, La Bibba di Dante. Invited public lecture on Dante and wisdom literature, 7 November 2009

2008 Università Statale di Milano, Esperiment Danteschi. I delivered an invited public Lectura Dantis on Inferno III and IV,27 February 2008

2005 British Academy funded Conference. The Dante Commentary Tradition: Critical Discourse in the Making, 3-5 April 2005, Manchester. I have co-organised this event and been awarded by the British Academy a scholarship for International Conferences.

2005 University of Cambridge, Italian Seminar Series, I gave a paper entitled 'Echoes of the Song of Songs in Italian vernacular poetry'

2003 Robinson College, University of Cambridge, International conference: "Dante's Commedia: Theology as Poetry". I gave a paper entitled: 'Of this and the other world, meditations on Dante's ecclesiology', 12–14 December 2003

2001 University of Manchester, EPOCC Seminars. I have contributed an invited paper on 'Sweetness and modesty: the construction of Dante's sacred poetry', 12 November 2001

2001 University College Dublin for the Dante Series on 'Dante and the Church' I gave a paper entitled 'Images of the Church in the Heaven of the Sun', 12 February 2001.

2001 University College Dublin for the 'Research Seminars in Italian Studies', I contributed a paper on 'The voice of desire: Poetry and resurrection in Paradiso XIV', 14 February 2001.

2000 University College London, 'UCL-Reading Italian Studies Seminar', I delivered a paper on 'Le fonti salomoniche di Dante', 23 February 2000.

1997 University College London, Roundtable: 'Reading Dante in Context'. I gave a paper entitled: 'Il Salomone dantesco: ricezione ed appropriazione', 3 March 2001.