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Hilary Footitt

I am committed to four areas of research:
Women in politics

I have worked on women in the European Parliament ( Women, Europe and the New Languages of Politics, London: Continuum International, 2002), and participated in a nine country European project on 'Media representation of women in the European elections of 2004'. I have also published on the first women politicians in the post-war period in France ('les 33 Glorieuses'), and on French female candidates in the Presidential elections.

War and Liberation in France

Here my interests have been in the politics of French-Allied relationships at the Liberation (France, 1943-45, with JC Simmonds, Leicester University Press, 1988), and in the nature of relationships 'on the ground' between the French and the Anglo-Saxon liberators (War and Liberation in France. Living with the Liberators, Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2004). I am a member of the EURO-HISMEDIA Réseau européen de recherche: 'Médias, guerre et imaginaires en Europe' and am on the Editorial Board of the 'Journal of War and Culture Studies'.

Development of language policy
I authored the government report on HE and the National Languages Strategy (Research Report 625, DfES,
2005), and have written on international languages policy and on academic mobility.

Languages in zones of war, conflict and development

I was the PI for a major AHRC project, , which explored the ways in which foreign languages became part of the institution of war, in intelligence, in military-civilian relations, and in displaced communities. The project looked at official narratives of policymakers and stakeholders, and at the participant narratives of individuals and groups involved. I was the PI for the Translating Cultures network Languages and International NGOs: Cultural Knowledge in Communities in Crisis.

I am currently PI for the AHRC project The Listening Zones of NGOs . This project examines the role that languages and cultural knowledge play in the development programmes of major UK-based NGOs.