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Case Study: Anthony Simpson and Fleetdrive / Crowd Charge

Project duration: 2 years

End date: 24/07/2018

How did you find the support once the partnership began?

It was excellent; there's such knowledge available to me, and different types of knowledge within the industry. Fleetdrive have such a passion for what they are doing, and at the University there's tremendous knowledge surrounding electricity systems and services, so there's an advanced complimentary set of experience which has been openly available to me. There has been an extremely steep learning curve, but the support has helped me stay on top of it.

How has the triangular relationship between the business, the University, and yourself resulted in being a key factor in your development?

We meet face to face regularly, probably twice a month with both Fleetdrive and the University, so that ensures a fluid synergy on what we're trying to achieve as a collective. Everyone is working hard to move forward and each party are transparent in how they are looking to achieve results.

Please could you describe the benefits of becoming an Associate?

It's a tremendous learning opportunity; when you get a great business partner such as Fleetdrive who are so ahead in terms of innovation, there's huge learning to be gained. The University staff have such an extensive level of knowledge to be capitalised on, so every day really is a learning day. At times it is daunting as there is so much to learn, but the reason you're here is to take on that knowledge and develop yourself. Getting to regularly spend time with the academic supervisor is a huge benefit.

Would you recommend KTP to other graduates? If so, why?

I would massively recommend it. What's important is that you're really interested in the project and it's an area that you're genuinely interested in and passionate about. If you're looking for an opportunity to learn and develop, then it's a hugely valuable way to transfer your skillset and move forward with some trajectory in your career.

What one piece of advice would you give to a graduate considering KTP?

Use the resources available to you; to become an Associate you will have a supervisor at the company, you'll have an academic supervisor, you'll be surrounded with such a high calibre of available knowledge, so take advantage of that. Also, there are times where it is overwhelming, but take a step back and focus on what it is you're there to deliver, how it's going to help you develop, and go in with your eyes open and be passionate about the concept.

You can read Anthony's complete case study here.

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