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Standard RISIS courses

Most Blackboard courses are linked directly to a single programme or module in RISIS e.g.

  • the RISIS module EN2CRI Critical Issues is represented by Blackboard course EN2CRI-18-9A Critical Issues (2018/19)
  • the RISIS programme UFMICRO BSc Microbiology is represented by Blackboard course UFMICRO-18-9PR BSc Microbiology (2018/19)

As long as they are scheduled to run in RISIS, such courses are automatically created in Blackboard, and students enrolled on them in RISIS are automatically enrolled onto the corresponding Blackboard course.

Other types of course are only created and/or rolled forward in Blackboard when this is specifically requested by a member of staff.

Merged and Supplementary Courses (formerly Shared Courses)

Shared Courses have been used in a variety of circumstances: a typical example would be the situation where you have two modules with different codes in RISIS, but with very similar content, so the teaching team decides to use just one Blackboard site, combining enrolments from both cohorts.

The code for a Shared Course in Blackboard always ends in SH.

List of Blackboard Shared Courses
showing the RISIS modules or programmes from which they are constituted.

From 2018-19, Shared Courses were replaced by

  • Merged Courses
    Used when you have a set of closely related modules, and you want to administer them as a single course in Blackboard.
    A Merged Course always replaces the individual Blackboard courses.
    The code for a 2019-20 Merged Course in Blackboard will end in MOD (previously MRG).
  • Supplementary Courses
    Used when you want a shared Blackboard space in addition to individual RISIS modules or programmes.
    A Supplementary Course can not be used for summative assessment.
    The code for a Supplementary Course in Blackboard will end in SUP.

 For further detail please see Merged and Supplementary Courses on the Blackboard Help site.

Non-RISIS courses

There are very few of these. Typically they are for the delivery of academic activities which are not recorded in RISIS.

The code for a Non-RISIS Course in Blackboard always ends in NR.

Course code suffixes




Denotes the academic year in which the course ran

e.g. AC201-17-8A, AC201-18-9A, AC201-18-0A


Module site - first or only occurrence of the module this academic year

e.g. AC201-18-9A

B, C Module site - second and third occurrence of the module this academic year

e.g. AC201-18-9B, ED2FCT-18-9C

CA Module site - module running in China
MA, MB, MC Module site - module running in Malaysia
(first, second, third occurrence in the academic year)

Blackboard 'Parent' course representing one or more RISIS module occurrences.

This applies to Blackboard courses bringing together multiple occurrences of the same module, as well as ‘merged courses’ which combine two or more distinct module codes.

e.g. AB1XYZ-19-0MOD

NR Non-RISIS course

Programme site

e.g. UFMICRO-18-9PR

Please note: the Blackboard course for a Programme will have all students currently actively enrolled on that Programme, at any level.

SH Shared course (no longer used)
 MRG Merged Course (now replaced by MOD)
 SUP Supplementary Course


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