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Creating a European Union legislative dataset

Supervisor: Dr. Jonathan Golub

School: School of Politics Economics & International Relations
Department: Politics & International Relations

This project exploits archival and online information to compile an original dataset on EU legislation. Students will develop skills in web scraping, data management, coding of documents, and the use of Excel and Stata software.

Creating an Open Access Resource for Language Assessment in schools: evidence-informed real world examples for teachers and parents.

Supervisor: Anna Tsakalaki

School: Institute of Education
Department: The Learning Hub

This is a follow-up of the successfully completed UROP 2021 project that documented progress in acquiring English of newly arriving children in the period of one year. The database will be an Open Access training tool showcasing different trajectories to English language proficiency for the use of teachers and families.

Developing an E-learning resource for healthcare sciences to improve calculation skills.

Supervisor: Silvia Amadesi

School: School of Chemistry Food & Pharmacy
Department: Pharmacy

Technology is a vital tool to support student’s transitions to university. This project aims to develop an E-learning resource for health science students focused on pharmaceutical and pharmacological calculations that are fundamentals for subsequent knowledge in health sciences and research.

MUST - Making Us STronger to better support Sanctuary scholars and further develop the Sanctuary programme

Supervisor: Professor Federico Faloppa

School: School of Literature and Languages
Department: Department of Languages and Cultures

This project aims to collecting information from Sanctuary scholars and feedback from people involved in the University of Sanctuary initiative to voice beneficiaries' needs and expectations, help the PI - who is the University of Sanctuary initiative co-coordinator - assess and implement the Sanctuary programme, raise awareness and strengthen collaboration across the University.

The influence of grazing on comparisons between natural and restored saltmarshes

Supervisor: Jonathan Dale

School: School of Archaeology Geography & Environmental Science
Department: Geography & Environmental Science

Managed realignment sites have a lower abundance plant species in comparison to natural saltmarshes, although natural saltmarshes might be Influenced by grazing. This project will assess the differences in vegetation and sediment properties at sites with different grazing and land use practices to improve comparisons between natural and restored sites.

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