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Tenancy Reference Request

The University is able to provide tenancy references to students who have stayed in University of Reading accommodation. If you are a letting agent or landlord, please be aware that we are unable to correspond with you directly.

We ask that students submit a Tenancy Reference Request form. Upon submitting this form, your request will be sent to where the Accommodation Office will process your request by checking your student details and financial status.

The completed reference will be sent to your University e-mail address and it is your responsibility to pass this to your Landlord or Letting Agent. Tenancy references are completed once per week so please allow a weeks turnaround time. Due to the checks that must be completed in order to provide a reference, we are unable to accommodate last-minute requests.

Please Note: the University of Reading reserve the right not to provide a reference.

Your tenancy check and reference will provide the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your tenancy address which you have requested a reference for
  • The length of your tenancy
  • The dates of tenancy
  • The weekly rent;

and will answer the following questions:

  • Did the student incur damages charges of £100 or above?
  • Does the student have any accommodation related debt over the deposit amount of £250?

It is the tenant's responsibility to check the details provided in the reference before passing the information over to a third party. If you have any queries relating to the information provided, please contact the Accommodation Office on

To request a Tenancy Reference, please complete the following form:

* Indicates required information

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