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  1. Childcare+
    Reading University is aware of the increasing costs of childcare provision for employees and supports you by providing you with access to childcare vouchers.
  2. Code of Good Practice (Valuing Ourselves and Others)
    The University of Reading strives to provide a supportive and positive environment within which all its members may work or study in spirit of harmony and mutual trust.
  3. Equality
    The University of Reading is committed to promoting equality and diversity and the information contained on these pages helps clarify how equality and diversity policies and procedure is implemented at the University.
  4. Harassment advisers 
    The University is committed to the prevention of harassment and bullying for all its staff and students. There are a number of resources to help people who feel that they are being harassed or bullied including a network of harassment advisers who can advise on issues of harassment.
  5. Health, Advocacy, Respect and Care Network
    The University of Reading strives to foster a positive work environment where staff feel supported.  The Health, Advocacy, Respect and Care (HARC) Network of staff volunteers provides informal and confidential peer-to-peer support to staff at the University who feel they need someone to talk to but are unable to approach a colleague or line manager.
  6. Human Resources
    HR provides access to various types of employment support, for instance policies, procedures, and employment benefits.
  7. Mediation
    Human Resources offers an informal, confidential and independent mechanism for resolving problems at work.
  8. Nursery
    'Little Learners' is an Ofsted registered nursery offering childcare exclusively to students and staff of the University of Reading.
  9. Pensions
    Membership of a pension scheme is an important and valuable part of your benefits package as an employee of the University of Reading.
  10. Staff benefits
    There are a number of different benefits available to you as an employee of the University of Reading.

  11. Information of the University's arrangements for encouraging, recognising and rewarding staff for exceptional performance and for their contribution to the University. 
  12. Trade Unions 
    We work in partnership with the campus Trades Union who provide a very important role in supporting staff.  We have formal recognition agreements in place with UCU.  
  13. University departmental secretaries list
    The departmental secretaries (dept secs) email list is to be used as a method of official internal communication on activities, events or policies that may affect people across campus. 

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