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Important message about industrial action

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This message from HR Director John Brady has been sent to all colleagues at the University

Dear colleagues,

Further to this recent message from the Vice-Chancellor, I am writing to provide more detailed information regarding the forthcoming industrial action. Detailed FAQs are also available on the Staff Portal.

UCU has given notification of three days’ of strike action from Wednesday 1st to Friday 3rd December 2021. It has also given notice of continuous action short of strike (ASOS) commencing from 1 December 2021 and finishing no later than 3 May 2022.

The right to take industrial action is acknowledged, but the University is committed to ensuring the quality and value of our students’ learning experience. The Office for Students has also made very clear our significant obligations to minimise disruption to our students and other University business. With this in mind, we will respond in a reasonable and appropriate way to the UCU action.

The aim of this note is to set out for colleagues as clearly as possible in one place all of the most important implications, including financial and legal, of strike action, but if you have questions or concerns about what this might mean for you, please do not hesitate to contact me at

Participation in strike action

If you are participating in the notified strike action, there are several things you need to know:

  • As with previous periods of industrial action, pay will be deducted for each day of strike action at a rate of 1/365th. Relevant deductions will be made from the next available pay-run.
  • You are not required to inform the University in advance of your intention to participate in the strike action. If you do take strike action, however, you must declare your participation immediately following each day of strike action (and after no more than 24 hours, including non-working days). You can do this simply by e-mailing me at If you do not do so, it will be treated as a disciplinary matter.
  • If there are exceptional reasons why you might not be able to comply with these reporting requirements, please let me know as soon as possible.
  • When pay is deducted for strike days the University has to make exceptional arrangements to maintain pension contributions. Your agreement is required to maintain normal pension contributions for those days you are on strike. If you wish to maintain your pension contributions in these circumstances please confirm by e-mail to no later than Wednesday 1 December 2021.
  • When you return to full duties, the University may require you to prioritise missed work over other work during your working hours. The University is entitled to do this, as it is a lawful and reasonable instruction to staff. There will be no additional pay for doing this work.

Participation in action short of strike (ASOS)

The UCU notification has described the intended ASOS as consisting of only working contracted hours and duties and not volunteering to do more.

It should be noted that for colleagues on Grade 6 and above there are no specified hours of work but you are required to work such hours as are necessary and reasonable for the proper performance of your duties.  

If you are participating in the notified action short of strike, there are several things you need to know:

  • You are required to inform the University that you are participating in ASOS by Wednesday 1 December  2021 or, if commencing at a later date immediately on doing so (and anyway after no more than 24 hours); as above to do so you need simply e-mail me at If you do not do so, it will be treated as a disciplinary matter.
  • Where the ASOS is limited to working to contract, we will monitor this but there will be no further action.
  • However, colleagues are expected to perform their contractual duties in full. In certain circumstances ASOS may constitute a breach of contract. The University does not accept partial performance and reserves the right to make deductions from pay where breaches of contract occur.
  • This means that the University is not legally obliged to pay you in full if you only partially perform your contractual duties. This could lead to a deduction of up to 100% of pay. The University Executive Board has decided that, in the first instance, any partial performance resulting in a breach of contract will result in up to 50% of pay being withheld on each day that such a breach occurs. The payment of the remaining salary is discretionary and made on an entirely voluntary and ex-gratia basis.
  • There may be requests for clarification of the term “partial performance”. The notified UCU action comprises only working contracted hours and duties and not volunteering to do more. For the most part this is not unreasonable (but noting the contractual position in respect of specified hours of work as indicated above), and adherence with this will not generate further action. However, it is important to understand that as well as the express terms of your written contract of employment, there are other implied terms that are also contractual obligations. These include the customary ways in which people have worked in their Schools or Functions and the implied duties to follow lawful and reasonable instructions. Therefore the instruction not to undertake voluntary activities may constitute partial performance, for those activities which are not genuinely voluntary and form part of the reasonable expectations for your role. If you have any concerns regarding this you can of course seek advice and support from your UCU representatives, or you can forward queries to me.
  • We will periodically review the effect of the action (and any subsequent escalation of this action) on our students and its impact more broadly across the University. We reserve the right to increase the percentage of pay withheld up to and including 100%, at any time while the dispute persists and where contractual duties are not performed in full. Where applied, deductions will continue to be made until the union calls off the action or the individual confirms he or she is resuming full duties and does resume full duties.
  • When you return to full duties, the University may ask you to prioritise missed work over other work during your working hours. The University is entitled to do this, as it is a lawful and reasonable instruction to staff. There will be no additional pay for doing this work.

Additional information

The following points are based on queries received during the previous periods of industrial action:

  • Some colleagues may enquire about taking annual leave or working from home during the strike action. Any existing annual leave bookings should of course be honoured. Line managers should consider any new requests for leave or to work from home in the normal way, but where there are concerns about service disruption or staff shortages such requests may be refused.
  • UCU colleagues are likely to maintain small picket lines (generally considered to be no more than 6 persons at any given time) at various entrances to our campuses on the days of strike action. This is perfectly legitimate. The law requires picketing to be conducted peacefully and lawfully, and no-one should be harassed or intimidated when entering the campus. We have never experienced any difficulty locally in the past and have no reason to expect anything different on this occasion. If you have decided not to participate in the strike action you are free to work as normal, and I am sure that UCU colleagues will be respectful of your personal decision.
  • Students, other than those who are also workers employed by the University and party to the dispute, are not entitled to participate on picket lines, and should not be induced to do so.
  • It is reasonable for line managers to ask other colleagues to cover duties disrupted by the industrial action as long as it does not over-burden people or does not require them to take on duties that they are not competent or trained to perform.
  • Some line managers are members of the UCU and may be participating in the industrial action, and the University respects their right to do so. It can be difficult to reconcile supporting the action and performing your line management duties, which could include assisting the University with its efforts to minimise disruption. As things stand the notified UCU action does not call for non-cooperation from those with line management responsibilities, so outside the 3 strike days our normal expectations will apply.
  • If the dispute is prolonged beyond the currently notified dates, it will be even more important for all of us to be respectful of each other’s decisions, whether that be to continue with strike action, to return to work or to have been at work fully during the dispute. By way of a reminder, it is permissible to ask a colleague if they are going to be on strike but they are under no obligation to offer this information in advance; repeated requests are unnecessary.
  • Equally, colleagues on picket lines can hand out leaflets and ask you not to cross their line; however, they should not make repeated requests or impede you in any way. During previous periods of industrial action I had isolated reports of slightly acrimonious exchanges between colleagues – please don’t forget that we all will continue to work together during and beyond this dispute. I also had a few reports of colleagues and members of the public finding some banners that had been displayed offensive – please think of the message you want to send out and reflect on how it might impact on others.
  • The withholding of pay is without prejudice to any other right or remedy of the University, including any claim for damages for breach of contract. Following previous periods of industrial action disputes were raised by students against a number of Universities, including Reading. With this in mind the University further reserves the right to join you as a party to any claim for breach of contract brought against the University as a result of this current action.

If you have any concerns or require further information or clarification, please contact me or the Human Resources Partner for your area.

John Brady

Director of Human Resources

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