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Invitation to join University Research Committees


We are inviting applications from colleagues across the University to become members of and take an active part in two University Research Committees where vacancies have arisen. These are:

  • The University Board for Research and Innovation (UBRI). This position is open to Early Career Researchers* only.  
  • The University Committee for Impact, Research Partnerships, and Engagement (UCRIPE).

 The key functions of each Committee are outlined below. Each Committee meets 3-4 times a year.
If you are interested in applying, please send a short expression of interest (no more than 250 words) explaining your interest in the Committee and the contribution you can make to its work. Please send your expression of interest to the Research Deans’ Office by 25 November 2021.
Appointments to the Committees are for a three-year period. We will look for broad representation of academic and professional expertise of Candidates across the Committees, and this consideration will inform the selection process.
University Board for Research and Innovation (UBRI) – early career researchers only*

Key Objectives:

  1. Governance and oversight of research and innovation activities
  • Research and innovation performance
  • Researcher development and training
  • REF
  • Research integrity and open research
  • Research finance (RETF, GCRF, Research Infrastructure, HEIF)

2.     Oversees engagement with sector-wide developments (e.g. consultants)
3.     Challenge and support for research leadership.
* An Early Career Researcher is defined as normally being within eight years of the award of a PhD. In cases where an applicant does not have a PhD or has been awarded a PhD later in their career, the criteria of within five years of their first academic appointment at a Higher Education Institution or research organisation may be used.  
University Committee for Impact, Research Partnerships and Engagement (UCRIPE)
Key Objectives:

  1. Financial and performance oversight of the Building Outstanding Impact Programme (BOISP)
  2. Support implementation of public engagement plan
  3. Support knowledge exchange and commercialisation elements of research strategy.

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