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Can you forecast Euro 2020?

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Think you know something about football? Excited about Euro 2020/2021? Can you forecast who will win each group and the path to the final, before the tournament has even begun?

The Department of Economics in SPEIR are inviting all students and staff to submit their tournament forecasts. The most accurate tournament forecast will win a £250 prize, working backwards from whomever predicts the correct overall winner. Identical winning forecasts will share the prize equally.

Tu submit your forecast, use this online form.

You can also win a prize for your 'working out'. After submitting your forecasts, send us evidence of your system or model and we'll award another £250 prize to the best one. Please send details to Carl Singleton.

The deadline for entries is the kick-off of the first match - 8pm on Friday 11 June, Turkey v Italy.

The prizes will be judged by a panel that includes the University's expert "Scorecasting Economists", who with their infamous Football Forecasting Supercomputer defeated the BBC's Mark Lawrenson on Football Focus in 2019, as well as forecasting how Covid-19 affected leagues would have ended. It's not all just for fun though, the Scorecasting Economists also do a bit of sports economics and forecasting research while the computer is crunching the numbers.

The prizes are being provided by the Department of Economics.

Prize winners will be announced Monday 12th July, the day after the Final.

Good Luck!

P.S. You might want to look carefully at the draw here:

P.P.S. Using an Octopus or any other animal to generate your forecasts is strictly banned - there's no chance we could get that through Health and Safety!

T&Cs: One entry per person only

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