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Power supply on Whiteknights back

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Power supply is now back on our Whiteknights campus.

The sub-stations servicing the different buildings now all have power, but colleagues from our Maintenance team are checking each building to confirm that their power supply is back.

The power supply problems also impacted both wired and wireless network access, which should also start to come back soon.

Please bear with us while things return to normal.

Possible planned maintenance may be needed in the coming days, but Estates will work with users of relevant buildings to give advance warning of this.

If you notice any ongoing issues, please contact the Security team.

Original message (20 May 2021 @ 3.30 pm)

We are aware of the power supply issues affecting our Whiteknights campus.

Colleagues are working to determine the exact impact but the power – and quite possibly, water supply – are affected in Miller, Whiteknights House, Archaeology, Russell and Wager buildings. The Wessex and Bridges Halls are also affected by the ongoing problems, as is the Telephone Exchange.

Earley House, Enterprise Centre, Harry Pitt, Agriculture, JJ Thomson and Life Sciences building are also at risk of disruption to the power supply.

We are looking to resolve the problems and will update you as soon as possible.

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