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Digital accessibility: helpful information and resources

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Clear and accessible online content is especially important right now, given the reliance of working and studying remotely. A lot of work is taking place across the University to raise awareness of accessibility issues, and today we'd like to draw your attention to our Digital Accessibility pages.

The website provides clear and simple guidance on creating accessible content for websites and mobile phones, and includes information on regulation requirements, practical advice and helpful resources.

Following the introduction of digital accessibility legislation for the public sector in 2018, we have a legal obligation to ensure that all online content is presented in a fully accessible way - this includes the creation of documents linked to from webpages, such as PDFs.  

We highly recommend reading the Guidelines page, which includes a concise list of things to watch out for - points covered include improving readability, considerations for images and videos, and how to format links correctly (no more ‘click here' please). The page also features links to handy resources for specific needs, so it is well worth bookmarking for easy reference. 

If you have any queries about digital accessibility, please contact

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