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Video of all-staff briefing on financial update

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Thank you to everyone who joined Vice-Chancellor Robert Van de Noort in Friday's all-staff briefing session (12 February2020).

At the session, Robert was joined by Chief Financial Officer Samantha Foley and HR Director John Brady – for an update on the financial savings related to our Post-COVID-19 Response Programme.

In his introduction, Robert reminded colleagues about the continued need to play our part in controlling the spread of the virus. He said the coronavirus cases amongst staff and students had remained low in 2021, and that we are continuing to monitor this closely through the Case Management Team.

In her presentation, Chief Financial Officer Samantha Foley focused on why we needed to make the savings and provided an update on it. She confirmed that the proposed pay cuts will not be required in this calendar year, but we will continue to monitor the impact of coronavirus on our institution.

HR Director John Brady provided an update on the Voluntary Redundancy (VR) scheme and other measures. He said 94 VR applications were received, of which 45 had been approved.

A recording of the video is available below: 

You can also watch the video directly on Microsoft Streams.

The Vice-Chancellor will continue to hold regular all-staff briefings in the spring term. The sessions will take approximately every two weeks, and all colleagues will receive an Outlook calendar invite ahead of each session.

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