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Pepper Lane pedestrian improvements due next spring

Pepper Lane entrance to Whiteknights campus

The Pepper Lane entrance to Whiteknights campus.

A new pedestrian crossing is due to be installed on Pepper Lane in April 2021, just south of the entrance to the Whiteknights campus.

The findings of our bi-annual staff and student travel surveys have repeatedly highlighted this as an area for improvement. We have worked with Leighton Park School to encourage Reading Borough Council to prioritise the need for this crossing, and are pleased that this will now be addressed.  

The improvements will include a new dedicated right-turn into Whiteknights campus, and will see a slight move to the south-directional bus stop, to facilitate the crossing.

Dan Fernbank, Energy & Sustainability Manager, said 

“We are pleased to have worked with Leighton Park School on this initiative, and to see the Council are listening to the concerns of our students and colleagues. Our travel surveys show that 82% of students and staff already travel to the University using sustainable travel methods. We are committed to increasing this further, and recognising that improvements to facilities outside of our campuses are a key way to help encourage this.”

The most recent staff and student travel survey was completed in January 2020. The University is continuing conversations internally and externally about other priority areas for improvement around our campus sites. 

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