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Data security: take care when sending emails

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Misdirected email is one of the most common causes of data security incidents at the University.

Personal information intended for one recipient, but mistakenly sent to another, can cause upset and distress to those that trust us with their information.

Please take extreme care when sending emails. Double check that you have the correct intended recipient prior to hitting send. Recent changes to email directories now mean that both staff and student email accounts will be presented when you search for your recipient. Where staff and students share the same or similar names and email suffixes, risks of choosing the wrong recipient can increase.

Please note that student emails are identified by way of a ‘' or '' suffix.

Staff and students can also share similar email addresses, so please ensure that you check your recipient address very carefully to ensure you are emailing the correct person.

Remember - Stop. Check. Send.

If you have any queries, or need advice, please contact

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