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Promoting Racial Equality in Teaching and Learning

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Promoting Racial Equality in Teaching and Learning is an ambitious cross-university project that will explore the theme of race (in)equality in higher education.

The project is being led by Anne-Marie Henderson (Director of Student Success and Engagement) and Eileen Hyder (CQSD) and will take the form of an online collection of content created and curated by students and staff. It is being supported by the University's Diversity Fund.

The intended practical outcomes of the collection are:

  • To share insights, experiences, initiatives and best practice for teaching and learning about race equality
  • To ignite interest, to deepen awareness and to stimulate and normalise conversations about race equality in higher education
  • To support the setting of next steps for action
  • To create opportunities for interdisciplinary/cross-institutional work

We are looking for colleagues to create content and join the project review panel - full details are given below.

Join the submission review panel

We are looking to recruit a panel to review submissions and select contributions for the collection based on their relevance to the theme. Our aim is to allocate no more than five submissions to each reviewer (subject to the number of submissions received) and we expect it should take no more than two hours to consider each submission. The deadline for submissions is 1 March 2021 and the review process should be completed by 7 May 2021.

Further guidance and peer support will be provided for reviewers after selection. To get an idea of what kind of content will be submitted, please see the ‘Submit content for consideration' section below.

The review panel will consist of four student and four staff members. Staff members may be from academic or professional roles. We are looking for people with an understanding of the theme (racial equality and justice in teaching and learning) and whose values align to the inclusive ethos of the project.

If you are interested in being on the review panel please contact Eileen Hyder by 1 February 2021, outlining why you are interested in and suited for being involved in this project (no more than 250 words).

Submit content for consideration

We invite contributions of 600 words maximum (not including title and any reference list) or equivalent on the following themes:

  • What is being done/needs to be done to promote race equality in teaching and learning?
  • What is being done/needs to be done to decolonise teaching methods/curricula?
  • How are/could/should students be involved in attempts to promote race equality in teaching and learning?
  • What impact have initiatives to diversify/decolonise the curriculum had so far? (This could relate to students and/or staff)
  • What challenges have you faced in your attempt to decolonise the curriculum and teach about race (in)equality?
  • How can diversifying/decolonising the curriculum assist with addressing the BAME awarding/outcome gap?

We are keen for this collection to reflect the diversity of experiences, perspectives and opinions of our teaching and learning community. Contributions are welcomed from all colleagues who contribute to learning and teaching, whether in academic or professional roles. In addition, we are not prescribing a format or style but invite contributions in a range of forms. These might range from traditional forms of writing (e.g. research reports/case studies/literature reviews) to more personal or creative pieces (opinion pieces, biographical writing, reflective pieces, creative non-fictions, poetry, photography, etc).

Please send your submission to Eileen Hyder by 1 March, 2021. You should include the title of the piece, the name and email address of the author(s), your School/Function and a reference list (where relevant).

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