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Opportunities to develop your leadership skills

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Applications have opened for two University leadership programmes running in 2021: ‘Leading Through Influence' and ‘Inclusive Leader'. Based on the University's new Leadership Framework (the 3Rs), the programmes use a mixture of workshops, action learning sets and study to develop your ability to lead individuals, teams, project groups and partnerships.

Each programme has been specifically designed for the University to support leaders and managers working in different contexts:

  1. 'Inclusive Leader' is suitable for colleagues with direct line management responsibilities. Full details are available in this flyer (Word, 43.8 KB).
  2. Leading Through Influence' is designed for those who lead projects, collaborations, initiatives, groups or tasks. Please see this flyer for full details (Word, 43.6 KB).

The closing date for applications is 17:00, 22 January 2021 (deadline was originally 4 January 2021 but has now been extended). 

For further information, please contact People Development.

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