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The Senate Committee for the Arts second funding call open

Senate Committee for the Arts

The Senate Committee for the Arts welcomes applications in advance of its second meeting of the year in February for a deadline of 17:00 on Thursday 28 January 2021.  

The Committee welcomes applications which imaginatively engage with digital forms to work around the constraints of COVID-19 and applications which look ahead to a post-vaccine future, where we can imagine a return to in person arts activity.

If you would like to make an application, further details can be found on the Arts Committee webpage. If you know of any colleagues or students who are looking for additional support for an Arts related venture, please feel free to share this information with them.

Completed applications should be submitted to Katie Smith, Secretary to the Arts Committee, by 17:00 on Thursday 28 January. The Committee will meet on Wednesday 10 February and applicants will be informed of the decision shortly afterwards. 

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