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Reading Climate Festival this week

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This week (9-15 November) is Reading Climate Festival, a week-long programme of free events to inspire action on climate change, curated by Reading Climate Action Network.

As a University with climate change close to its heart we are hosting several events this week, which colleagues and their family and friends are welcome to join. Attendees will have the opportunity to put their burning climate change questions to our scientists and have an open, frank conversation about how climate change impacts our lives and what we can all do to make a difference.

Here is a run down of what's going on this week:

Tuesday 10 Nov, 8-9pm: Quiz the University of Reading Experts: Climate change fundamentals

Our climate is an immensely complex system, involving interactions between physical processes from the scale of molecules to the scale of our whole planet. Making sense of what is happening involves applying fundamental concepts from physics, chemistry and mathematics to models and observations of our planet. Come to this event if you want to discuss the fundamental processes driving climate change and how these link to how humans are changing the atmosphere.


  • Rachael Byrom: What drives climate change?
  • Prof. Keith Shine (Fellow of the Royal Society; Regius Professor of Meteorology and Climate Science): How has our climate changed?
  • Prof. Bill Collins: Linking air pollution and climate change

Book your place here.

Thursday 12 Nov, 1-3pm: Reading 2050: A smart and sustainable city? - Twitter Q&A

Following on from the launch of ‘Reading 2050: A smart and sustainable city?' last week, Professors Tim Dixon and Lorraine Farrelly will be running a Twitter Q&A answering questions posed to them - in advance or on the day - using the hashtag #Reading2050. Questions can also be sent by direct message to @UniRdg_SustBE.

Booking for this event is not essential but you can find further information here.

Thursday 12 Nov, 8-9pm: Quiz the University of Reading Experts: Climate change and the environment

As climate changes, many of us have begun to see changes to our weather and our environment. Come to this event if you want to discuss how and why this is happening, and how we can use climate science to reduce these impacts through better forecasts and improving our cities.


  • Prof. Ted Shepherd (Fellow of the Royal Society): Extreme weather and climate events: How to make sense of them in the context of climate change
  • Dr Amulya Chevuturi: Seasonal forecasting of river flooding, with a focus on the Amazon
  • Dr Eugene Mohareb: The metabolism of a city: How do we help reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Reading and elsewhere

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Friday 13th Nov: 8-9pm: Quiz the University of Reading Experts: Climate change and us

Even with the kind of major climate action that many countries are beginning to take, we will still need to live with an uncertain and changing climate throughout this century. Climate science helps us to come to terms with these changes. Come to this event if you want to hear about the ways we are already adapting to prepare for future floods, to reduce climate impacts on our health and make a clean, green energy system for the future.


  • Prof. Hannah Cloke OBE: Preparing for floods
  • Prof. Elizabeth Robinson: Climate change and its impact on the health of Reading residents
  • Dr Hannah Bloomfield: Future climate, future energy - how can we harness the power of weather to meet future energy demand?

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