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New University group to tackle challenging graduate market

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The COVID-19 pandemic has introduced many uncertainties to daily life, and it can be hard to imagine what the future holds - especially if you are a graduating student.

As a university, we are very often the last stepping stone between school and the workplace. Our incoming students are prepped over a number of years to leave with graduate level skills and knowledge that will hopefully land then an appropriate job. That is our students' key aim, and therefore also ours, as we support them through their degree course.

In order to focus more squarely on graduate employability in challenging times, a dedicated University-wide Employability Community of Practice (E-CoP) has been established, led by Dr Aileen Ho from the School of Psychology and Clinical Language Sciences, and Dr Aaron Cooper from the Centre for Quality Support & Development. 

The newly-formed E-CoP will pull together colleagues from all schools and functions across the University to focus on sharing experience, practice and ideas in the quest to enhance student employability.

Those with a strong interest and/or experience in student employability are warmly welcomed join this friendly peer-led community of like-minded individuals as they tackle questions such as:

"How can we help our graduates stand out from the crowd?"

"How can we produce graduates who can hit the ground running in their first job and rise to the top of their fields?"

"How can we inspire quiet persistence and calm positivity in the face of disappointments?"

"How can we build cognitively flexible mindsets and resilience?"

The group aims to grapple with these questions and other employability-related matters, encouraging members to draw on collective experience and expertise - something that could be greatly enhanced by having representation from different areas within the University.

To join the E-CoP, please contact Aileen Ho or Aaron Cooper.

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