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Over the past few months, our Student Services team has been working tirelessly to support our students through the COVID-19 pandemic.

We will share a few highlights of their recent activities over the next few days. We have recently highlighted two important Careers events - one focusing on female BAME professionals and the other our first ever online careers fair. Here, we find out about a new range of support resources from our Student Wellbeing Service team.


The Student Wellbeing Service is always looking to provide a wide range of supportive options.

The team recently acquired a valuable resource bank of self-help guides designed and delivered by the NHS. The guides cover a wide range of mental health topics, including depression and low mood, eating disorders and controlling anger. They are designed to be inclusive, with workbooks and audio versions for each topic. They can also be shared as email links, which could be useful if you are looking for support on behalf of someone you know.

The guides can be accessed through this page, or you can find them easily through the Guidance and Support page.  

These new resources are one of the many new options the team are looking at to use to assist students in developing their resilience. A key drive behind making use of these guides was to provide materials which would prevent future potential difficulties.

They compliment the range of support services on offer, which you can easily access through the Guidance and Support page.  

Student Services

You can find more details about the Student Services team on this Essentials webpage.

The Student Services Reception team are continuing to answer questions from students, and can be contacted by emailing or by calling 0118 378 5555.

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