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Changes to Notices section of staff portal

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A few changes have been made to the Notices section of the staff portal.

The changes relate to the background system used for hosting this part of the staff portal. For users, the process is largely the same - after signing in with your University log-in, you will be able to view and submit notices.

What are Notices for?

The Notices section is used to provide information on topics relating to everyday University activity - this could include updates on construction works, road or footpath closures, parking news, staff discounts, volunteer opportunities and so on. Essentially, topics that don't necessitate a full news story, but still require attention.  

Personal adverts will not be accepted - this includes adverts for buying or selling items, rooms to rent, or personal businesses outside the University. We do appreciate a desire for a space of this kind, and our Internal Communications team are exploring options to facilitate a space for this in the future.

All posts will be moderated by our Internal Communications team.

Submitting a notice

Submitting a notice is easy. On the Notices page, simply click the ‘Submit a Notice' button and add the message you want to share.

By default, each notice will be visible for two weeks. You can add an expiration date if you would prefer your notice to be visible for a longer period.

The three most recent notices will be displayed on the staff portal homepage in the ‘Notices' box underneath the news. To view all notices, please visit the Notices page.


As a result of the background changes, all old notices will expire in the next two weeks unless a specific expiration date was provided at the time of submission. The transition should be smooth, but please do bear with us if you spot any significant changes in the coming days as the new system settles in. A few older notices will remain on display over the coming days, but they should disappear over the course of the week. 


If you have any queries, please contact before submitting your notice.

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