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DTS have spent the last couple of months working hard to introduce a new Status Page that provides a more reliable experience and a calendar/system views of uptime and availability of our services.

From today, the new DTS Status Page can be found here.

This update came about as a result of feedback from our colleagues, recognising that there is limited functionality to allow us to communicate planned maintenance and outages. Many colleagues wanted a more useful and up to date way of viewing the status of digital services.

One of the most useful features of the new page is the ability to sign up for notification emails, either for all DTS services or for specific systems and services relevant to your role. There is a “Subscribe” option available from the top tab, from here you can enter your details and choose “all” or “selected” services.

You can also filter your view of the services so you can see just the systems that are relevant to you or view all service statuses on a handy calendar view so you can get a better sense of when services are available.

If you have any questions about the Status page, please do contact the IT Service Desk via our IT Self Service Portal.


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