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Reminder: access to campus

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If you have to collect essential material or equipment without which you can’t carry out your work you can gain permission to come on to campus and entry to a particular building by completing this form (University log in required).

All questions should be completed and the form submitted, when consent from your head of School or Function will be sought. You will be contacted with the result of the decision. If approval is given you will be contacted and arrangements made for a mutually convenient time and date for you to be met and to allow entry to your building to collect your items. In completing this form and access being granted, you agree to return all University property when the situation allows.

If you are coming to campus, please make sure you carry your Campus Card with you to access the building you are authorised for. Please do not contact the campus card system team as your card will be updated as part of access being granted.

To minimise visitors to campus, it would be very helpful for teams to liaise together to arrange for one person to collect and distribute belongings where possible, this should be detailed in the form. Please only do this if it is safe for you to deliver items or material to colleagues afterwards.

Please do not come to campus without prior approval as you will not be able to gain entry to your building and will be asked to return when you have permission.

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