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New University Strategy unveiled

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The University Council has formally approved the 2020-2026 Strategic Plan. The Plan sets out the principles and objectives that will guide us as we move into out centenary year, 2026.

The direction of the Strategy has been shaped by our University community, following consultation with students, colleagues, alumni, the University Council, and a wide range of external stakeholders.

We encourage you all to read the Strategy and to consider how it can be applied to your work, teaching and research.

What is the Strategy’s purpose?

The Strategy presents a distributed model of leadership, where all colleagues are empowered to use strategic principles to inform their work, decisions and priorities, in the lead up to our centenary in 2026.

It is built on four key principles.

Community putting our people first

  • The University is, first and foremost, a diverse, inclusive and supportive community of people – students, staff and alumni.
  • We provide students and colleagues with a fulfilling working and study setting that supports their development.
  • We use our knowledge and skills, collectively and individually, to solve problems and create opportunities for the benefit of people and the planet and the advancement of the University.

Excellence – aspiring to the highest standards

  • We transform lives by focusing on excellence and innovation in education and research – locally, nationally and globally.
  • We create an environment where our students and staff can excel academically and personally.
  • We work in partnership with government, business, charities and other organisations to enhance learning and development and to extend the impact of our research.

Sustainability – managing our resources for today and tomorrow

  • We work together to make the best use of our resources to ensure the sustainability of the University.
  • We recognise that maintaining financial sustainability is a process that requires us to review what we do, how we work, and respond to changing circumstances in a planned and managed way.
  • We are committed to play our part in tackling climate change and are recognised as a University that leads on global environmental sustainability.

Engaged University – impact beyond our campuses

  • We work with partners in a coordinated way to play a positive role in the social, cultural, environmental and economic life of our local communities.
  • We use our global links to benefit the towns and regions in which we operate and use these local connections to strengthen our work around the world.
  • Public engagement and consultation, including in research, is a valued part of how we live and work, for both our staff and students.

These principles will help us meet the aspirations we hope to achieve by 2026. They are explained fully in the Strategy, with each principle accompanied by details of how they are already being put into practice, KPIs to measure performance and plans for improvement to be led by the University Executive Board.

The new Strategy is a living document – we will continue to review and update it in reflection of the changing times we face as an institution.

In his foreword to the document, Vice-Chancellor Robert Van de Noort says:

“Our ability to make change comes from our community holding true to our values. So let us keep sight of our core purpose, to challenge and transform the outlook of the students we educate, and improve the lives of our neighbours, the prospects for our country, and the future of our planet.”

To read the Strategy in full, please use the following link: 2020-2026 Strategic Plan.

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