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New ways of working - access to campus

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The coronavirus lockdown has changed the way we work individually, with our own teams and with other teams at the University. Following government restrictions on non-essential travel, all buildings on our campuses are now fully secured and can only be accessed by those authorised by the Major Incident Team (MIT). If you are not already permitted to work on campus, thank you for all you are doing to work remotely this is helping to keep you and our onsite teams safe. Please do not visit the campus except for local exercise. If there is a crucial reason and colleagues need essential access to campus should ask their head of School or Function who will then need to approach the Director of Estates to request access. Where necessary these decisions are being referred to the Chair of the MIT - but requests should not be made to the MIT directly.

Only those colleagues who have been so authorised are allowed to access campus for work. They will have received an email and formal letter – both of which can be used to confirm that travel is essential if questioned. If you are coming to campus, please make sure you carry your Campus Card with you to access the building you are authorised for. For those who do need to be on site, lone working arrangements, if appropriate, should be agreed with your Head of School or Function.

If you do have to be on campus for an essential reason it is important that all colleagues follow the current government advice to stay 2 metres (6ft) away from other people and to wash your hands as soon as you go back inside, whether the home or office.

The Major Incident Team at the University is directing our response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Advice for colleagues who may have concerns about the outbreak of coronavirus can be found on our Questions Answered page. As the situation continues, this page will be regularly updated so all the relevant information can be found there.

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