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Study@URS: Additional study space for the spring

URS Building

The URS Building.

As we enter dissertation and exam season, we're opening up some additional temporary study space in the URS Building to accommodate anticipated additional student demand during this peak period.

Study@URS will be opening on Monday 2 March, providing more than 250 additional study spaces. It will be available from 08:00 to 18:00 on weekdays (Monday to Friday) until the end of May. In addition, the building will be open over the Easter weekend from Friday 10 to Monday 13 April, when the Library is closed. We'll keep track of demand and may adjust the opening times if required.

The area will be monitored by Security but not formally staffed. Students with queries for the Library, Study Advice, Maths Support, or IT Service Desk teams should visit them in the Library Building as usual.

We're currently exploring possible options for remodelling the URS Building to make best use of the space for our current and future academic needs. We'll keep you updated once we have further information we can share. In the meantime, while the ground floor is not being used, this new study furniture will remain in place so the rooms can be opened up as and when there is demand.

In addition to the Library and Study@URS, there's a wide range of space to study on our Whiteknights campus. Students can use our study space map to choose where to study depending on their needs.

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