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Callmy Alert: test this week

Callmy Alert

Colleagues are advised that a test of the Callmy Alert app will be carried out this week. We test the app on a termly basis to check that it is working properly.

During a test in January this year, an issue at our supplier's end meant that some users experienced a delay in receiving the test message or were unable to open it.

We are advised that this issue has now been resolved and expect next week's test to go smoothly. If you have any problems accessing the test message, please notify Please bear in mind that the message will only be visible if you have downloaded and set up the Callmy Alert app on your device.

The app would be used to alert students and colleagues in the highly unlikely event of a life threatening incident on the university estate. 

Should a life threatening incident occur, you will receive a simple message, in real time, informing you what to do, where to go and where to avoid. The system updates continuously and covers all of the University estate so if you are at your desk or on the move, it will help keep you safe.

Firearms or weapons attacks on UK campuses are rare, but the app will help you stay safe. This complements the recommended Police advice of Run, Hide, Tell.  Please take a moment to familiarise yourself with the guidance.

Callmy Alert is free to download in Apple, Android and Windows app stores and works on most smartphones.

To download the app, visit the App Store relevant to your device. After the installation, there is a simple verification process to follow and you'll need to add the group name UoRalert.


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