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Successful evaluation for NUIST Academy

colour photograph of Reading NUIST Academy

The NUIST Reading Academy has successfully passed a recent Chinese Ministry of Education (MOE) evaluation. The Academy was rated highly by a panel of experts and was the only one among those evaluated in this round to be exempt from another evaluation for seven years. Two new undergraduate programmes, BSc Human and Physical Geography and BSc Data Science, were also approved in December 2019, with a cohort of forty for each programme, starting in September 2020. The BSc Applied Chemistry undergraduate course, one of the first established at the Academy, has also recently received successful accreditation from the Royal Society of Chemistry.

The number of undergraduate programmes at the Academy now rises to eight, with a total of 1520 students across the four years (380 students in each cohort), making it one of the largest and most diverse, in terms of the subjects offered, joint educational institutes in China. Building on these successes, there are further plans to develop postgraduate programmes at the Academy as part of its Five-Year Plan.

The NUIST Reading Academy, was established between the University of Reading and Nanjing University of Science and Technology (NUIST) with MOE approval in 2015. From 2018/19, the Academy operates a 4+0 model of delivery in five subject areas. Under this model, students can elect to study for all four years in Nanjing and obtain two degrees upon successful completion of the programme. However, the majority of students are expected to transfer to Reading for their final year. Students’ English is strengthened by an English for Academic Purposes programme offered by the University’s International Study and Language Institute.

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