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New accessible Microsoft Word and Powerpoint templates

Accessible templates

We are pleased to announce the launch of new Microsoft Word and Powerpoint templates that have been adjusted to enhance accessibility. All colleagues are encouraged to make best use of these templates in your work, including for teaching materials. Please use them instead of previous versions.  

The new Word template uses lower case (after the first capital letter) for headers, includes alternative text for our logo, and improved spacing for ease of use with screen readers. The new Powerpoint template again uses lower case for headers, as well as including an option for a cream background.

These templates support our Policy on Inclusive Practice in Teaching & Learning, launched in January 2018. The Policy provides clarity and emphasis to our commitment to an inclusive approach, as set out in the Curriculum Framework and our Teaching & Learning Strategy. It also helps meet our legal requirement to support all students.

The launch of the Policy was supported by a range of resources to support colleagues to create accessible teaching and learning materials. These new Microsoft templates are a valuable addition to this suite of existing resources. 

If you have any queries or feedback about the accessibility of the new templates, please contact  

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