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Christmas closure 2019: key dates and services

Christmas closure 2019

The University of Reading will close for the festive period from 23 December 2019 and will reopen on 2 January 2020. The pay date for this month will be 19 December 2019.

Before you leave for the Christmas break:

Leave your office in a safe state!

  • Secure all windows, close blinds and lock all doors. Where possible, move valuable items away from windows.
  • Lock away as many valuable items as possible (including keys) and bank all cash.
  • Property mark any new items. It won't stop them being stolen, but it will make them less attractive to thieves.
  • If your building has an alarm, ensure it is in good working order and set for the duration of the closure period.
  • Ensure access control systems are programmed to remain locked throughout the closure period.
  • Empty vending machines and consider putting notices on them stating they are emptied on a daily basis.
  • Remove all equipment from University vehicles before parking them in car park 5. Please leave vehicle keys with Security Control, and ensure they are collected by 09:00, 2 January 2020.
  • Update Security Control with any changes to your emergency call-out arrangements.

Turn off your equipment

  • Switch off all equipment that doesn't need to be left on (such as research equipment). Last Christmas the University spent £52,000 on electricity, so please turn off all equipment that does not need to remain on, including printers and hot water boilers.
  • Identify who is going to turn off shared equipment - it is easy to assume someone else will take care of this.

Accessing offices over the closure period

If you come into work over the closure period, please inform Security Control when you arrive and when you leave. You must give Security Control prior notice if you intend to come in - no access will be granted without this.  

Student services outside of term time

The spring term will begin on Monday 13 January. Student services will remain open outside of term time, closing at 14:00 20 December and resuming at their normal times on 2 January 2020.


The Library will close from 21 December 2019 until 2 January 2020. All online resources will continue to be available via the Library website.  

If you have a Library-related query during the closure you can use the Virtual Enquiry Service, which can be accessed on via the blue ‘Virtual Enquiry Service' box on the Library homepage.

For further information, please see the Library blog or the Library Opening Times page.


Mojo’s bar and food service will be closed outside of term time.

Mondial will be open from 09:30-14:30 from Monday-Friday outside of term time.

For full details on the opening hours of RUSU catering outlets, click here.

Market Place will remain open until Friday 20 December.

The Architecture cafe and Park Eat are closed and will reopen on 2 January. All of the remaining cafes will close after business on Friday 20 December and reopen on 2 January.

Useful contacts

  • Estates:Extension 7000 (internal) - for emergencies or out-of-hours, please call Security (see below).
  • Security: Extension 7799 (internal) and 0118 931 6300 (external calls and for emergencies).Email Security are based on the ground floor of Whiteknights House (north entrance).
  • Staff Support and Counselling:To contact Confidential Care as part of theEmployee Assistance Programme, please call 0800 085 1376.

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