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Help the University win 'Money Smartest University' crown

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We need your help in winning the Money Smartest University crown for our University.

For the past two weeks, we’ve been participating in the Blackbullion Unibattle – which sees us compete with other universities to increase student engagement with Blackbullion. Blackbullion is an edtech platform transforming financial education for students. 

The institution with the highest number of registrations and online pathways completed by Friday 22 November will be the winner.

How you can help?

  • Talk to students about Blackbullion – there are lots of great lessons that will be useful for them now and in the future (e.g. Credit Score, Budgeting, 21 Days of Saving etc.)
  • If you can email students, post an announcement on Blackboard or share messages on social media then please do
  • Follow the Student Financial Support Team on Twitter and retweet our messages @UniRdg_Money

Students who sign up and use the online platform have the opportunity not only to advance their financial education, but also to be entered into a daily prize draw. They can win some excellent prices like an Acer laptop, Fitbit, Amazon dots and gift cards. Two of our students have already won great prizes - a coffee machine and a £100 amazon gift card.

Since launching the campaign on Monday 11 November, we have seen:

  • 284 new sign ups
  • 2,815 lessons started and 2,238 lessons completed 
  • 607 questions answered correctly and 288 incorrectly
  • 443 pathways completed 

Thank you for all your help in advance. If you have any queries please contact Matt Daley, Head of Student Financial Support & Customer Service.

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