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Wellbeing Peer Support

Wellbeing Peer Support

This summer, we announced the creation of the Wellbeing Peer Support network – a brand-new staff network designed to offer mental health and wellbeing support. We are delighted to confirm that the network is now up and running.   

Wellbeing Peer Support consists of staff volunteers who will provide confidential support and information to colleagues experiencing poor wellbeing, emotional distress or a mental health issue and need the support of someone to talk to, but feel unable to approach a colleague or line manager.

All Wellbeing Peer Support volunteers have undertaken a comprehensive two-day Mental Health awareness and skills course that has provided them with a deeper understanding of the issues that impact on and relate to people’s mental health. They are trained to recognise the signs and symptoms of common mental health issues, and can guide a person toward the right support services.

The foundations of the network stem back to the 2017 Staff Survey, where results highlighted a desire from colleagues across the University for a network of this kind. The views expressed in the survey have shaped both the group itself and the role of its advisors – please see the Wellbeing Peer Support role profile for further details on what the role comprises.

Colleagues should note that Wellbeing Peer Support has now replaced the University’s HARC Advisor network – so if you intend to contact a HARC Advisor, please contact the Wellbeing Peer Support network instead.  

For further information about Wellbeing Peer Support, and to find out how to contact one of our volunteers, please visit Wellbeing Peer Support.


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