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Health and Life Sciences building update

colour photograph of exterior view of health and Life sciences building

Colleagues who have passed by the site will have noticed changes to the landscape around the building as what will be the new footpaths and areas for planting are being laid out. More progress is being made on the inside too with the installation of ceilings beginning and the first floor coverings being laid.

Colleagues in Technical Services were given a guided tour of the new HLS building as part of their planning and preparation to relocate their support activities for the School of Biological Sciences from the AMS, Knight and Harborne buildings. The tour covered the new teaching laboratory spaces, preparation rooms, research laboratories and important supporting infrastructure such as a central repository for ultra-low temperature samples. Associate Director of Cluster 1, James Magee said:

"We were excited to see inside this amazing building; we were able to visualize how the technical teams will work together in these modern facilities. Jack Brett, Deputy Project Manager, gave us a wonderful tour and answered all the detailed technical questions about the building we asked."



With the completion of layout inside the interior fit out of the building can proceed with the project scheduled to be completed in early 2020. The project demonstrates the University commitment to 2026: TRANSFORM capital investment programme, with £60m being invested to bring about closer integration of the school.

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