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Upgrade to Windows 10 by end of Autumn term

Windows 10 rollout

If you haven’t upgraded your University computer to Windows 10, it’s easy to do and you will need to do so as soon as possible.

It’s important to remember that this includes any occasional use computers you may use (for example, your University laptop used when travelling, or any pool computers), including any University computers you use at home.

How do I upgrade to Windows 10?

Upgrading is easy and you can do it at a time convenient to you.  Please do remember to back up any important data before starting to upgrade.

Information about how to upgrade is available on the IT webpages.

What progress has been made?

Since the launch of the Staff Upgrade in March, around 65% of Staff computers have been upgraded.  This is great progress and we’re really grateful to those who have updated their computers so far.

When Microsoft Windows 7 support ends in January 2020, any University PC still running Windows 7, and using the University network, will be vulnerable to security threats. In order to protect the whole University from potential cyber-attack, every vulnerable PC will be disconnected and unable to access the University’s network. This will start to take effect on a rolling basis from early 2020.

How do we ensure every computer is upgraded?

Because of this, in order to reach the remaining 35% of computers, the Windows 10 Project team have started scheduling compulsory upgrade dates. Affected staff are expected to present their computer for upgrade by the scheduled date. 

Your compulsory upgrade date will be confirmed locally with your School or Function.  IT will send out communications in advance.

Compulsory upgrades will be supported by the Windows 10 Project team; where there are many computers in a building, there will be floorwalking support, otherwise dedicated remote support will be available via the IT Service Desk.

The key message is that your PC must be accounted for – either by going through the upgrade or by registering an exception with the Windows 10 Project team, where there is a compelling business reason.   If your PC has not been upgraded and there is no exception plan in place, from January 2020, this PC will be disconnected.

Ways to get in touch with IT about the Windows 10 Staff Upgrade

Windows 10 IT Webpages

Raise a ticket: IT Self Service Portal

Send an email:

Contact Mark Foster or Vicky Swales by email, instant messaging or in person

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