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People Plan Programme: "I'm determined to improve communication in every way we can"

Colour photograph portrait of Colin Campbell

Following on from the staff survey in 2017 an intermediate pulse survey will be taken this year starting from the 29 October 2018. This was drafted by People Project group members and piloted on a range of volunteers, including project group members, to establish an average time to complete and ensure that questions are clear.

We caught up with People Project Board member Colin Campbell to find out what being involved with this work has been like:

"I'm on the communication committee in our school and am determined to improve communication in every way we can. Though I don't sign up lightly to meetings this, when advertised, seemed like it had potential for people's voices to be heard. The working group feels purposeful and there is a confidence that something will happen as a result with inputs turned into action in a short time frame.

"It was very, very good to meet people from other parts of and roles within the University, who joined together to work for a specific goal. Discussion was open, people listened to each other and no one brought their own agenda and tried to get everyone to agree with it. Though the People Plan Project Board is important, it's equally important to have the small groups to do the work and feedback to the board."

Colin Campbell is an associate professor in second language education at the International Study & Language Institute. You can read about the other projects:

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