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Call Open for POSTNotes

Post Note on Natural Capital

The reviews known as POSTnotes are produced regularly to help inform upcoming parliamentary debates. Contributions are invited from academic researchers to ensure the reviews represent the best available evidence. Seven topics that span health, technology, crime and housing have been identified for POSTnotes that will be produced in the next 3-6 months. Further details of the topics are outlined below.

The new call comes as part of UK Parliament's drive to involve a wider range of academic evidence in their briefings, and researchers from all UK universities are being invited to participate by providing research literature, direct contributions, or as external reviewers.  This is a valuable opportunity for you to raise the profile of your research in a setting where it can make a real difference to policy making and shaping.  To be part of this process, contact with a declaration of interest before the end of September.  The declaration can be informal and should state which POSTnote topic you’re interested in contributing to, how you can contribute, and include some information on your background and credentials. 

If you have any queries or would like to discuss how you might contribute, please contact Dr Alison McAnena, Impact Officer for P&R theme, or Dr Caroline Cross, Research Communications Officer

The nine topics that will be covered are listed below, with further details available on the Connecting Research blog.

  • Influence of industry on public health policy
  • Evidence linking antimicrobial use in animals with antimicrobial resistance in human pathogens
  • Outward medical tourism
  • Mitigation and adaptation in agriculture
  • Assessing and restoring soil microbiomes
  • Environmental gain
  • Cyber security of consumer products
  • Approaches to reducing violent crime, focusing on early interventions
  • Robotics in social care

POST can be found on Twitter @POST_UK

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