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Updated procurement policy now in effect

Updated procurement policy

Don’t forget that a new arrangement is now in place for buying goods or services below £15,000.

To make purchasing quicker, from 1 January 2018, if you are buying goods or services below £15,000 and you have checked that there is no University-wide supplier, you can go ahead and buy from any supplier without contacting the Procurement team. 

If you are using a supplier who is not a University-wide supplier, please ensure that the new supplier set up processes is followed.

If your supplier asks you to sign a contract or agree to terms and conditions (even by ticking a box on a webpage), you must contact Procurement as they are the only people authorised to agree on behalf of the University. 

This also applies to free trials and items of all values. 

If you have any enquiries, please contact our Procurement team for further details.

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