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Wager update: Supply pipe repaired

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Update at 9:00, Wednesday 13 December: The Maintenance team have fixed the gas leak that affected the Wager Building on Tuesday. 

Update at 15:00, Tuesday 12 December: The Maintenance team have identified the location of the gas leak that affected the Wager Building this morning. Repairs to this will be completed tomorrow.

The team has also cleared out the service ducts affected by the gas leakage. 

Occupants of the Wager Building have been informed that it is safe to reoccupy the building.

A no-smoking zone is still in place in the direct vicinity of the Wager Building.

Published earlier on Tuesday 12 December: As a precautionary step, the Wager Building has been closed following a localised gas leak from the main supply pipe running behind the building, with some gas seeping into building service ducts.

At this stage, there is no impact on adjacent buildings (Archaeology, Allen Laboratory and Miller) but our Maintenance Services team are monitoring the leak and colleagues in the vicinity will be advised if there is any need to close other sites.

Repairing the gas leak could take several days, and a no smoking zone is in place in the direct vicinity of the Wager Building until the repairs are complete.

If you have a meeting/event scheduled in the Wager Building, please contact the organiser or people you were planning to meet to discuss alternative arrangements.

If you smell any gas, please call extension 7000 immediately (8:00 am – 4:30 pm) or extension 6300 outside these hours. 

We will update this story with the latest information as early as possible.  

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