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Campus Jobs set to launch September 2017

Campus Jobs

Campus Jobs, a joint initiative between the HR and Careers teams, is set to launch in September 2017 and will aim to drastically improve both the worker and manager experience of temporary work on campus.

Both students and non-students can register for the service in the ground floor of the Carrington building. The Campus Jobs team will carry out a right-to work check at registration and issue a Campus Jobs contract encompassing all of the temporary work they will do for the University. Those who have registered will then be able to register their interest in types of work, e.g. administration work or bar assistant work, or apply to a specific vacancy if they prefer.

The Campus Jobs Team will then send over the worker’s application and/or CV for Hiring Managers to review and interview if they see fit.  Once a decision has been made by the Hiring Manager to appoint someone, that person will be given an assignment letter detailing rates of pay, location of work etc. and issued an online timesheet to complete and be authorised by someone who can confirm that work has taken place.

Campus Jobs will ensure that students get access to as many as possible of the suitable opportunities on Campus, to enhance their employability and improve their overall student experience. Existing staff members will not be able to undertake Campus Jobs assignments, and instead should work additional hours via a different arrangement, for example overtime or time off in lieu.

Following the launch, the payroll team will no longer be able to accept ‘fees’ forms to pay staff, and instead, all temporary work will need to go through the Campus Jobs service.

Arrangements are already being made to ensure that those staff in the scope of Campus Jobs, who are contracted beyond the launch date, are contacted and informed that they are being brought over to Campus Jobs.

Successful Open Day pilot

The Campus Jobs team piloted successfully with the Open Day Ambassadors working for the Central teams on Friday 16 and Saturday 17 June, paying 77 who had completed their timesheet online at the end of the month. A second pilot will run with the Bars team, before Campus Jobs launches fully during Welcome week.

If you have any questions, please email or visit the Campus Jobs website. 

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