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2017 Staff Survey: School and Functions results available now

2017 Staff Survey

The results for every School and Function at the University have been published on the 2017 Staff Survey website.

We promised to be open and transparent with the results, and their publication today enables every member of staff to look at and consider the results from every part of the University.

The 2017 Staff Survey was the biggest staff engagement exercise in nearly six years. Over 4000 colleagues, across three continents, were invited to participate in the survey - conducted between 6 March and 7 April.

The University's vision for 2026 is to be a vibrant, thriving, sustainable, global and broad-based institution, responsive to, stimulated by and informing changes in the world around us. Our people are key to delivering on this vision, and we want to understand how things are now - what is working well, what is not working so well and what needs to improve.

Employer of choice

As the Vice-Chancellor said in his message on 1 June, we had a 64% response rate (including sessional staff). This high level of participation enables us to be confident in the representative nature of the results.

Overall engagement levels are 3.32 out 4. This means that the University is classed as an ‘employer of choice’, ranking as 36 out of 61 universities on the benchmarking index.

Across all areas and jobs roles, diversity and inclusion was seen as a real strength. The quality of line management was also strong and there were was a good level of awareness of the University’s Values for Working Together and Professional Behaviours.

Focus groups

Starting today, we are running a number of focus groups on top three areas for improvement. These areas are:

  • how we manage change at the University
  • how we communicate with each other, share information and listen to employee views
  • how we look after the wellbeing of people who work at the University, particularly in relation to stress and work loads

The focus groups will run until the week commencing 17 July, with sessions scheduled at Whiteknights and Greenlands campuses. More information on the focus groups and how to book a place can be found here.

The intention of these focus groups is to help develop a plan which is simple and manageable, at the same time as delivering tangible change.

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