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Mathematics masterclasses for young people

Professor Michael Sewell

Professor Michael Sewell

A former University of Reading Mathematics Professor has recently published a book that could help budding young mathematicians score highly.

Mathematics Masterclasses for Young People” is written by Professor Michael Sewell, Emeritus Professor of Applied Mathematics.

The book consists of a series of "masterclasses," short sessions of mathematics beyond the standard school syllabus, aimed at 10 to 15-year-olds with a flair for mathematics who want to stretch themselves. 

It is designed to provide teachers with a source of novel and interesting topics to supplement their standard material, and as independent reading for pupils themselves. 

Professor Sewell taught at the University of Reading for over 30 years, from 1966 to 1999. He served for many years on a committee at The Royal Institution of Great Britain which developed Mathematics Masterclasses at local centres across the UK. As part of this, Professor Sewell organised Mathematics Masterclasses for 13 year old Berkshire schoolchildren between 1990 and 1999.

Professor Sewell said: “The Mathematics Masterclasses, which are now a widespread national activity, are designed to encourage children with a flair for the subject to really enjoy solving problems and understand how to apply them to everyday life.

“My latest book is a supplement to these Masterclasses, giving students the opportunity to practice their mathematics skills in their own time.”

In 1997 Oxford University Press also published a selection of the 1990s Masterclasses mentioned above in another book, called "Mathematics Masterclasses - Stretching the Imagination". Before that, in 1987, Cambridge University Press published his book about "Maximum and Minimum Principles."

The latest book can be purchased online here.

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