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IMAGINE week: Helping scholars escape conflict and danger


The University is working with the Council for At-Risk Academics (CARA) to help scholars around the world to escape from places of conflict and danger to safe environments, where they can continue to pursue important academic careers.

Since partnering with CARA two years ago as part of our Enabling Students fundraising initiative, Reading has welcomed scholars fleeing crises in the Middle-East and enabled them continue to their academic careers at the University.

When scholars are killed or forced to leave countries like Iraq and Syria, intellectual capital and learning are lost, along with the vital capacity that enables them to rebuild their shattered nations. Thanks to the partnership, students from the Middle-East are currently pursuing postgraduate studies in the School of Chemistry, Food and Pharmacy.

CARA also takes on vital work teaching English language for academic purposes (EAP) to Syrian refugees in displacement camps in Turkey, ensuring that scholars develop vital skills that allow them to transition to life in English-speaking institutions both in the UK and globally.

International Study and Language Institute (ISLI) is a partner helping to develop the programme, and with IMAGINE funding, has been able to contribute to leading workshops in Turkey and provide a needs analysis and assessment to determine the language skills of scholars.

Further donations will enable Reading to conduct additional workshops in Turkey and continue to develop the EAP programme. With your support we can help to preserve the intellectual capacity of countries like Syria and ensure that vital skills are not lost forever.


IMAGINE is the University of Reading's first Fundraising and Volunteering Campaign. The support received through the IMAGINE campaign is making an impact on special projects and our areas of internationally recognised research, stretching from our student support programmes to our work in Mental Health, Climate Change, Nutrition & Health and Business. IMAGINE will enable the generosity of our supporters to achieve the greatest impact through the work of the University.

You can support our work with CARA by donating to our Enabling Students programme.

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