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IMAGINE week: Tackling Teenage Depression at the Charlie Waller Institute

Mental health

The number of young people affected by mental health issues is huge. Depression interferes with school, family, friendship groups and social events. It is also associated with self-harm and, in the worst cases, suicide.  Most teenagers with depression are not properly identified and do not receive effective treatment. 

As a priority project for the IMAGINE campaign; the Charlie Waller Institute at the University of Reading is already helping thousands of people. We have developed Brief Behavioural Action (BBA), a pioneering new treatment, which could transform the lives of thousands of young people with depression.

Brief Behavioural Action

BBA helps young people to focus on the simple changes that can turn around a downward spiral and break the vicious cycle of depression.

James underwent treatment earlier this year and once he had completed the programme, he reflected on his progress, “I am much happier and am confident I will be okay.”

Until now, there has been very little research globally into depression and teenagers. BBA aims to give teenagers the tools to improve their mental health by making small but powerful changes in their behaviour. Specially trained clinicians work one on one with teenagers to help them think about what they want from life and encourage them to do more of what matters most to them.

Your support has the potential to make a real difference to those teenagers suffering with depression.


IMAGINE is the University of Reading's first Fundraising and Volunteering Campaign. The support received through the IMAGINE campaign is making an impact on special projects and our areas of internationally recognised research, stretching from our student support programmes to our work in Mental Health, Climate Change, Nutrition & Health and Business. IMAGINE will enable the generosity of our supporters to achieve the greatest impact through the work of the University.

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