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Encourage students to vote in the UK General Election

Register for General election 22 May

As you know, the UK will hold a General Election on Thursday 8 June.

We want to encourage as many students to vote as possible –in order to do so, students must register to vote before 11.59pm on Monday 22 May.

Registering only takes 5 minutes – students will need to have their National Insurance number to hand, as well as the address they will be living at on 8 June 2017. If a student will be staying in Reading over the summer or until the Summer Ball on 10 June, they will need to use their term-time address to register so that they can vote at a polling station in the local area.

Students can check whether they are already registered by visiting the Your Vote Matters website and searching for their nearest electoral registration office. This can be helpful if a student is unsure whether they are registered locally or in their home county. 

To register to vote or to update a voting address, visit

For more information on voting, visit

Thank you in advance for encouraging your students to vote. 

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